Alpaca Breeders and Natural Fiber Products


sorting1We are members of the Natural Fiber Producers (NFP) coop. Our fiber is sorted and graded before submission to the coop.  Sorting and Grading is the first step in quality control and results in a much more uniform product. It increases the longevity, wear-ability, and overall yield of the final product.  This means a consistent and fantastic end product for you, our customer!

Mark is also working towards becoming a Certified Sorter® for alpaca.  This is an intense 2 year program where 250 fleeces, both Huacaya and Suri, must be sorted and graded by color, length, and micron.  A mentor works with the apprentice sorters to verify their work to ensure accuracy andproducts consistency throughout the entire apprenticeship period.  additionally, there are webinars, textile courses, and a written exam that must be completed with an 80% passing grade or higher.  After that, there is a wool certification, 2 years and 200 fleeces of at least 4 different breeds.  If you are interested in becoming a sorter contact us and we’ll get you information on where the next classes will be held.


Here’s an article in our local paper of one of our shearing days.

More information about the Certified Sorted® program can be found by clicking here.  And if you’d like more information about our coop, please click here.

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