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We sprout a mixture of barley and black oil sunflower seeds, let it grow about 7 days, and then feed it to the alpacas; as you can see, they really like it.

They also get hay and free choice minerals but we don’t feed pelleted food any more.

And who wouldn’t like some nice fresh greens in the middle of winter?

What? Tell me more!

Our system is the mini fodder pro system from FarmTek. It came in parts in a couple of huge boxes and lots of assembly is required.

fodder crate1One of the main success points for growing fodder is a temperature controlled room. If not, you either don’t get good growth or you end up with mold – yuck!

So, we have our system in our basement where it stays around 65 degrees, this is optimal temp. 20131207_171529

We spend about 1/2 hour a day on this process so it really doesn’t take too much time.  And we are fortunate to be able to buy barley seed in bulk straight from the farm in Owosso.  We get BOSS (black oil sunflower seed) from Tractor Supply.

You can see us go through the whole process, from harvest, replanting, and feeding it to the alpacas  in our YouTube video.






  1. Cliff Love Cliff Love
    June 9, 2015    

    Can you tell me more about the lighting you have for your fodder system? I listened and you have a single 48″ grow light mounted on each wall. However, what other lighting do you have? Very interesting. How much faster do you think plant growth is compared to outdoor growing?

    What is your initial opinion on trying to raise some small grain like wheat or barley for seed to grind flour?

    Thank you!

    • admin admin
      August 16, 2015    

      We use only the grow light on the wall for the fodder although we do have overhead florescent lights for the humans so they can see to harvest, clean up, and replant.

      As for plant growth inside vs outside. Inside is much faster since you have controlled conditions however we don’t measure it other than to weigh our 7 day growth. You can’t grow plants in this system to seed, they would need nutrients and support for the long stalk that this system doesn’t provide.

  2. Jr. Jr.
    August 29, 2017    

    Very interesting video, thank you. I would like to ask you where do you get your whole barley seeds, what germination percentage you get, and what is the price per pound. I would also like to ask you if now that you have your system working, could you have done it yourself by just buying all the different pieces or do you think it is better to buy the system and just put it together? Thank you in advance for your time and attention.

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